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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

All Sorts

Ideas and Inspirations

Thermostat, thermometer, thermal insulation, thoughts, Thursdays, think tank, three, threw, thrown, through, thaw, thanks.

Particular particle, paste, part, prone, posted, prime, preach.

Minus, month, moth, montage, Montana, mosaic, monster (truck and sea)

Abacus, absent, abducted, abort, about, abeam, abrupt, Abba, Abby, Abu Dhabi, artisan, arsenal, forest, absconding, ABC.

Carnival, carnage, car, caravan, carpet, forest, cartridge, cannon, cannula, canopic, Canister, carping, crayon.

Wyndham, water slide, water jug, water works, water tower, water colour, water cooling, water wheel, forest, farm Wednesday.

Lists, lanyard, lamppost, limb, lock, locked, Locke, London, lift, forest, linked, laser beam, laser cutter, limp, limo, liked, lunatics, liked lunatics.

Topics, trojan, troublesome, treat, treadmill, Trumpton, trod, troll, typing, typically, forest, tyres, tonic, toxic, tragic, tray tea, twenty-three, tea tray, twinkle.

Bacon, mushrooms, eggs, peas, rice, catapult, rain, forest, black hole, ruminate.

Normal, nights, nitrate, nire, nuzzled, non-standard forest, never, Nicole, nickname, Nick.

I think you get the idea by now

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  1. I think I missed a word out from the penultimate list