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Saturday, 10 March 2012

De Lay in Posts

Greetings one and all,

So much for my regular posting!  Time is always a factor and I shall not be boring you with what I have been doing with my allocation of time.

Word List -
Dancers, wheelchair, month, astounding, performance, self, like, connected, girl, you, great, hard, judge, time, twenty, first, over, best, hey, went, time, again, there, years.

Watch, happy, her, hug, moon, Moon, day, after, change, life, job. leave, happy, groove, lived, done, amazing, everyone, and, yeaya, tears, tar.

Final, up, scale, half, trainers, party, Gordon, moron, burst, new, cream, happy, hit, third, final, finish, end, past, luck.

Grabbing words as they pass on the TV or radio and putting them in a list can be helpful to spotting a pattern. Can you spot the pattern that is within the above?

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