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Friday, 23 September 2011

Reason to be Worried - Part 1

Before continuing on with my theme of knowledge and Slack and other such important matters, I though I would have a little aside....

Pop the reality cork on the wonder of the world and see how far the inners fly when the pressure is released.  You feel the pressure?  Do you?  In these days of hard times and uncertainty what should we do to cope?  How can we get through to the other side of this reality land slip?

First rule is keep you head up high, because they are looking for those that are trying to sneak past by slinking along the ground.  They see everywhere and hear everything.  Each word you type is sent to the main Head Quarters to be worked over and analysed  - recorded and dissected.  Your master file is updated each and every time you send an email or post a status update.  Every time you talk to your friends through an Instant Message....... They know. 

Then, when you step outside the house they are there waiting for you.  Not in the flesh (at least not always) but there behind the cameras.  There are the obvious ones that were installed for our "safety" during the last decade or so.  But they are not the ones you should worry about.  It is the tiny invisible-to-the-naked-eye cameras that you should really worry you.  They are everywhere.  Don't be paranoid - be a realist!     

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